It appears that unknown bandits have had their way with the bar's exterior.

The Ulence Flats Bar (aka simply as the BAR or Oasis Bar) was a bar in Ulence Flats on Kerona/Ulence in the Space Quest I: The Sarien Encounter (original version) time sector. It represents the original timeline in which Roger visited the world. But was later changed through his repeated influence of time travel in rather major ways.

It is one of the 2000 Oasis BAR franchises across the galaxy.

Roger Wilco would visit this specific time sector a second time (albeit with slight minor differences) during his adventures through time to stop Sludge Vohaul. Although he had no memory of his original experiences there (rather remembering the parallel Kerona instead). Fortunately there is an archive or two of his memories before the world time sector was changed.

Music Edit

In the original version, cameos of actual musicians can be seen providing entertainment to the customers. This was changed to a generic alien band after a lawsuit.


  • Z.Z. Top playing Sharp Dressed Man
  • The Blues Brothers (described as "on a mission from God")
  • Madonna

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