Jess Morrissette's Virtual Broomcloset is one of the oldest remaining Space Quest fansites, and operated as a hub of the community for much of its life, particularly through its Subspace Channel, but also by providing a consistant, reliable, and updated source of news to the Space Quest community.

One of the longest-lasting, most professional sites out there, every fan of Space Quest, and of the community that arose to study it, owes it to themselves to read through the VBC, in particular its interviews, and original articles.

Unfortunately the Virtual Broomcloset has not been updated since June 1, 2004.

The "About" page on Jess' site describes the Virtual Broomcloset as follows:

[Hi! My name is Jess Morrissette. I'm 24 years old, and I'm currently a doctoral student at the University of Georgia in lovely Athens, GA, studying the discipline of political science. In the past, I've attended such notable educational institutions as Virginia Tech, King College, Castlewood High School, Castlewood Elementary School, and the St. Paul Public Library's Storytime Program. Plus, I've been a Space Quest fan for almost fifteen years now, believe it or not!

The Broomcloset debuted on November 29, 1995. In World Wide Web time, that makes this site practically ancient! When this site was launched way back then, it was comprised of just a few walkthroughs, some reprinted articles, and a bunch of really bad HTML code. Since then, it's expanded quite a bit, but still includes its fair share of sloppy HTML.

In a nutshell, I had been a devoted, long-time fan of the Space Quest series. When I got to college and got on the Web for the first time, I realized that there were websites for almost every topic under the sun -except Space Quest. Since I really wanted to visit a Space Quest site, I realized I would have to learn HTML and design my own. Hence, the Broomcloset.]

-Jess Morrissette, Virtual Broomcloset, About section

Nowadays, Jess mainly spends his free time updating his blog, which has become quite popular. It has, however, nothing to do with Space Quest ;)

Screenshots through the Ages

Virtual broomcloset screenshot 2001 5

Screenshot of the Virtual Broomcloset 2001-2005

Virtual broomcloset screenshot 1999 2000

Screenshot of the Virtual Broomcloset 1999-2000

Virtual broomcloset late 1999

Screenshot of the Virtual Broomcloset Late 1999

Virtual broomcloset early 1999

Screenshot of Beatrice Wankmeister's Virtual Broomcloset, Early 1999

Virtual broomcloset screenshot 1998

Screenshot of the Virtual Broomcloset 1998