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VOLUME 1:Who's the slave now?

"Lord Vohaul, we found this interloper in cargo bay 2. What do you want done to him?"

"Bring him to me." Vohaul's voice echoed through the control room.

"Yes sir." the guard replied. Shortly thereafter, an elderly, wiry prisoner was escorted onto the control deck.

"What's your name?" asked Vohaul as the prisoner was brought in.


"Well, whaddaya know? Maid Mannanan. I'm Little Sludge."

"You have a beautiful view--" started Mannanan.

"You know what I like best about sorcerors? They give good head. Insurance salesmen don't know nothing about no head. I don't know why. Maybe it has something to do with some ancient tribal custom."

Vohaul and Mannanan shared a chuckle.

"Come here," said Vohaul as his and the wizard's lips intermingled. As Mannanan tried to deepen the kiss, Vohaul broke away. "Better save some of that energy," said the evil Doctor Sludge. Vohaul pressed a couple buttons and his metallic undergarments snapped away. He held up a layer of fat with one hand, and pulled Mannanan's face toward him with the other.

Vohaul gasped as Mannanan wrapped his mouth around his cock and swallowed more and more of his length, and the wizard forced him back into the chair to enjoy it.


An attempt to offset the disgusting material found in this article.

Mannanan bobbed up and down slowly, playing with Vohaul's balls with one hand. Vohaul thrust a little into Mannanan's mouth, grunting in ecstasy. Mannana ran his tongue along Vohaul's shaft as he went up and down, sometimes stopping at the top to swirl it around his head. Vohaul un-clenched his fists from the sides of the chair and held onto his prisoner's head with both hands, pumping faster and moaning louder, as his entire body jiggled seemingly perpetually. Mannanan took the hint and picked up his pace, and soon, Vohaul was on the edge.

Still face-fucking Mannana, Vohaul let out a cried out in pleasure and came harder then he ever had. Mannanan swallowed as Vohaul shot spurt after spurt of his cum. There was just too much, though. Some of it flowed out of his mouth and down Vohaul's throbbing penis.

After he finished cleaning Vohaul off, Vohaul pushed the wizard away and let his fat hang back over his crotch.

"Very good. Too good, in fact. I think I'll have a permanent spot for you as a sex slave."


"Guards, take him away. And get him good and scrubbed up... I have use for him tonight...."


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