WD40 interior

The interior of the ship.

Ship piloted by the gynoid WD40 in Space Quest V during her assignment to terminate Roger Wilco for mail fraud committed in Space Quest II. It can be assumed that the ship was owned by Gippazoid Novelty Company.

The ship is equipped with fast warp engines, powerful weapons capable of punching through StarCon shields, a cloaking device, an anti-theft system, and a self-destruct. Landing gear in the shape of bird's feet allows the ship to land on planets. No transporter system was found on board the ship.

Access to the ship is possible through an electronic hatch mechanism by the Underhead Door Company. A remote control has been integrated into WD40's body. It allows her to enable/disable ship's cloak and lower/raise the gravlift to enter the craft.

The ship was destroyed when the self-destruct system was activated by Roger removing the cloaking device.

The ship's shape is very similar to that of a Klingon Bird of Prey in the Star Trek series.

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