Box Cover

Where In The World Is Hymie Lipschitz? (and Who Really Cares) from Broaderbuns is available for 67 buckazoids from Software Excess.

Back of BoxEdit

It's the newest in the wacky Hymie Lipschitz series! Hymie, son of a wealthy New York furrier, has gone wild with Dad's Frequent Flier vouchers again. Can you track Hymie down and bring him home to meet the girl Mom picked out for him? Hold on to your yarmulke, Hymie Lipschitz strikes again! 640K, Ronals-MT32 and 3.5" circumcision req'd.

References and factsEdit

"Where in The World is Hymie Lipschitz" is a play on Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, a TV series and series of computer games. (which is also where Stellar Santiago got her name from).

Josh Mandel posed as Hymie Lipschitz for the parody box cover, with fake glasses and hair.

The description makes numerous references to Judaism

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