Wil'm Pol'k the Eternally Dazed is the academy commandant of StarCon Academy and husband of Lady Plussbucker.


He is the Extremely Exalted High Commander and Admiral Deluxe of the StarConFederation Fleet and Armada of all that is Right and Good in the Universe. He Admiral of StarConFederation and the current Chief Commanding Officer, the commandant of the StarCon Academy. He could often be found on board the StarCon Academy, and decide who would move on from Space Cadet to training for Captaincy on one of StarCon's mainy fine cruisers.

The Admiral could be seen during the meeting with Beatrice Wankmeister of the G6 Quadrant. He suggested that Rhaemes Tipper Quirk check out the rumors of the Sludge Bandits using the SCS Goliath. He at first didn't allow Beatrice to join the captain, as it was against protocol for civilians to be on board a ship on military duties. But Rhaemes allowed it.

At the Academy, a sleek corvette is reserved for the academy commandant's use exclusively. It is named after his beloved wife.

Behind the scenesEdit

Technically he is the Commandant of the academy, in the same position of the husband of Lady Plussbucker. Perhaps Plussbucker is her 'first name' rather than a surname.