Wilco Interactive is in essence a copy of Roger Wilco from the distant future of Space Quest XII in one of multiple Future Timelines in which Roger was a Vital Timeline Lifeform. The AI was apparently from a happier parallel future, in which Sludge Vohaul (unofficial) never took over Xenon. It appears to be related to the Narrator.


He is an Artificial Intelligence Program based on Roger Wilco's knowledge and experience, it also had access to the future databases of the Galactic Net which held knowledge beyond its own knowledge. It appears as a Computer console with Roger Wilco on the screen in the center, this was essentially a visual representation of you used by the program to communicate." There are many buttons and switches of different colors on the consol, however there is no need to use them, the screen displaying Roger, responds to audio input. There are a total of three screens on the console, Roger appears in the middle, another is a Navigation screen.

He was created in the future and sent back to the past to assist him. He is not able to help in all situations, as some things could affect the natural, and necessary, occurrence of events in Roger Wilco's timeline. Roger Wilco's future and futures, were destined to be long and filled with danger and adventure. Were Wilco Interactive to relate all the perils that Roger Wilco would yet still to encounter he would be likely to wet his pants.

Though, as Roger might have gleamed when he first discovered Wilco Interactive, his future would span many sequels, and that included Wilco Interactive's own time, space Quest 12. Wilco Interactive could not however relate anything that would happen in Roger's future, as that might threaten the very fabric of time itself.

Still this is known, Roger Wilco, was aided by expert programmers, to create the A.I to make his life easier in his past. Wilco Interactive was limited in the help he could offer himself in order to not affect the natural occurrence of events, however he had a vast database of information on Roger Wilco and his exploits.

It was specifically programmed to assist Roger Wilco in his present timeline (2.5 era) from the distant future. All memories of that era were lost Roger Wilco, but in the future one known as Vonster D helped him recall and record all the events that had taken place, and would yet to take place. Vonster D's true nature and origin was not known for long, but after aiding Roger in recovering the Lost Chapter], eventually all was revealed (far in the future Vonster D's identity became known to him). These databases were eventually used in the construction of Wilco Interactive in the Space Quest XII era.

Roger could;

ASK ABOUT anything that he would like to know about.
EXIT at any time. He would still be there, at his disposal, should he return.

This maybe an alternate version of the Xenon Super Computer Project. One in which Roger was uploaded rather than Sludge Vohaul.