Willie was a crew member onboard the Starlab Arcada.


He was one of Roger Wilco's buddies. He would play checkers with Roger and Andy in the third floor custodian closet. He and Andy was killed by the Sariens in the same corridor next to each other.

Willie and Roger used to play with the copy machine in the break room of the Arcada. They would make copies of their wallet photos and then cut the copies in half and then put different ones together to make new faces. They had a bang up time doing that.[1]

Roger Wilco searched his body, asking forgiveness for having to do it, but understanding that he would have allowed Willie to search his body if Roger had been dead. After searching Willie, and finding nothing, Roger went onto search Andy nearby.

In the Space Quest I: The Sarien Encounter (original version) era Roger Wilco searched his corpse, and found nothing.

Behind the scenesEdit

Technically Andy is found at the end the upper corridor by himself at the end of the hall (unless there are sections of the hall that are not seen in game). There is no other bodies on that level (except for the science Elder "the Professor" that shows up later).


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