World O' Wonders (aka Fester's World-O-Wonders) is a sleazy tourist trap and one of the only population centers established on Phleebhut, in the center of downtown Phleebhut City. It was once known as Peewee's World of Wonders before Fester Blatz took over.[1]


It consists almost entirely of a gigantic statue, Mog, and a small tent community around it (consisting of tourists and those rare few that choose to live on Phleebut).[2] A small gift shop at the base of Mog sold everything from Postcards to Thermoweave Underwear to model skeleton dinosaurs, and supplies for the community! The proprieter of the shop was Fester Blatz, who now lives on Polysorbate LX.


What remains from World O' Wonders, at Mog's feet

It was once an amusement park Roger visited as a young child. He once rode on the double Ferris wheel, and recalls was afraid of it. He also used to ride on the Tilt-a-World and it was one of the worst experiences he ever had. However, years later all the rides had been removed leaving only the gift shop and the statue of Mog. [3] The park had some of the best grub of any place around, there were hot dogs and tater sticks, and candy. They had N & Ns galore andcaramel apples, . Roger liked it all--especially the sweet stuff.

The shelves in the gift shop are arrayed with some fine examples of the natural wonders of the planet, including unknown creatures preserved in jars, the skull of a phleebeast, and the skeleton of undentified mammalian creature. The glass counter at the front of the store, has an impressive array of rocks and gems. Atop the counter is a rack of post cards from all corners of the Galaxy.

During Roger's visit to the World O' Wonders on Phleebhut, Roger sold Fester a piece of Orium. He used to proceeds to buy various items from Fester. He purchased the Thermoweave Underwear, an Official Astro Chicken Flight Hat and an Orat on a Stick.


Behind the scenesEdit

In the Space Quest Companion, which consisted of Roger Wilco's own journals, he states that there is a small community (Phleebhut City) living around the base of Mog. In the games that were "based" on these disks the city cannot be seen.


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