Wriggley and Roger chatting outside her ship.

Wriggley stopped to help Roger jump-start his shuttle. She is a reverse-anomaly-side savior, with a chewing gum space walk. She has a thing for Roger, and admits she would jump him in a heartbeat.

She also has a thing for xenomorphs. The "thing" in question would be an easy meal, and a ride to more of the same. Before Roger, the xenomorph hanging out on the bottom of Wriggley's snazzy little space craft couldn't get to it. One wonders whether the creature was waving "bye-bye" or "thank you!". And we were all so proud of Roger already.

The name Wriggley and the xenomorph are references to the Alien films and their protagonist Ellen Ripley, as played by Sigourney Weaver.