The Xenon invasion was the second Sarien invasion the second attempt by the Sariens to steal the Star Generator between SQ3 and SQ4. The events are roughly discussed by Roger in Hoyle, Book of Card Games, Volume I.


According to Roger's account it's likely Sludge Vohaul (or another of his clones) was behind and it was another attempt of his to conquer the universe. The main alien invasion forces were apparently lead by a beautiful green-haired female Sarien commander who almost killed Roger when they first encountered each other. She not only commands Sarians but remnants of the cloned insurance salesman, the apeoid troopers and apparently even the Pirates of Pestulon who continued to hold a grudge towards Roger. They invaded Xenon, Roger's home planet apparently successfully captures the new Star Generator.

Roger became trapped in the Hoyle program shortly before he was about to save the Star Generator. He believed Sludge Vohaul and the Pirates of Pestulon were behind him becoming trapped as part of their revenge, and he was stuck having to play card games while he tried to find a way to escape. He wanted out so he could meet the commander again which he had become infatuated with and save the universe.

He would ultimately escape, save the Galaxy. This event was probably the final straw that destroyed the Pirates of Pestulon and lead to the bankruptcy of Elmo Vohaul Pug.

Afterward he headed to Magmetheus, where Vohaul concocted his next plans to get revenge.


  • This is most certainly a pre-SQ4 era Roger Wilco.
  • Roger was having issues with the Xenon cops.
  • He may have visited Warfwurfx during this adventure.
  • He was being chased by his fan club on Xenon and the Pirates of Pestulon.
  • His grandfather might have been involved and helping him out.
  • This event would have had to have occurred almost a century after SQ1. It is surprising his grandfather was still alive.
  • It may have involved a card game with a Voltaren Mind Bender and Roger losing much of his memory of the event.
  • Roger may have had a job at the time cleaning and vaporizing trash on another starship.
  • For whatever reason few on Xenon seem to remember this event or that Roger had saved them.
  • It is not clear if this in part dates after Sludge Vohaul's activation in the Xenon Super Computer and might in fact explain an early part of the war, in which Sludge Vohaul ultimately sees success in taking over the city (though he might be initially thwarted by Roger). Time travel may be involved. Although this may be much earlier than other sources imply the Super Computer to have been activated in.
  • Roger's introduction before entering the Hoyle program is that he is about to save the Star Generator, and is confused about where he has ended up. He then comments on his belief that either or both The Software Pirates of Pestulon or Sludge Vohaul are behind trying to take revenge. He will also depending on the topic brought up by other players in the software mention how he must escape to stop the Sariens invading his home planet, or the remnant cloned software salesman, the pirates and Sludge Vohaul, and his troopers.
  • This maybe a split off timeline created by Roger Wilco after touching the Don't Touch button and ending up in the Daventry Zone (see Parallel universes) Roger at least maintains memories of two separate timelines (or encountered another Don't Touch button).

Behind the scenesEdit

Hoyle 1 is the first source to tie the the villains of SQ1-3 together, long before the release of The Space Quest Companion.

It predicted the return of Sludge Vohaul before the release of SQ4.

Of course in an interview for Space Piston Magazine, Vol. 2, Issue 2, Roger Wilco hadn't been back to Xenon since the end of Space Quest I (not counting that he was orbiting it in SQ2). So at least some of these details may just be Roger reminiscing about his past before SQ1, or during the end of SQ1. Then again Roger did have his mind wiped by a Voltaren Mind Bender which may have conveniently made him forget about his extra trip to Xenon.

A connection between pirates of Pestulon and the apeoids is made on the back of the Space Quest III box in which it suggests that the apes were Pestulon space pirates wearing monkey suits.

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