The Cyborg

The Cyborg is an individual altered by Sludge Vohaul, found on Xenon, in the Space Quest 12 time sector. Cyborgs are a mix of the organix and the mech.[1]


The cyborg is a half-human, half-machine zomboid thing assigned to patrol the streets of Xenon by Sludge Vohaul, and controlled by his will. Some were possibly sent out to search for Roger Wilco.[2]

Roger Wilco encountered one of the cyborgs, a wrinkled old man, skinny and deformed, its teeth rotting out. It's clothes were tattered and a grotesque metal contraption was clamped to its head which serves to hold the eyelids permanently open. It had the appearance of a dead walking corpse, and a shambling walk. It was largely unaware of the existence things going on around it (except when it directly encounters an intruder), and was controlled by some other concsousness. If Roger got too close it would scream (and point at Roger) to summon the Droid-O-Death. The cyborg has a pungent odor much like meat left in the sun too long.

The cyborgs were created from humans who remained, and stayed to fight the machines, robots, and mutoids under Vohaul's control. It was a bloody war. Those who were not killed were taken captive and... modified. These cyborgs infiltrated the loyal ranks of the resistance, rooting out almost all of their hiding places, and exposing them to the mechanical menace. Some of these poor souls still wander the streets.[3]

Following the Super Computer's formatting and Sludge Vohaul's deletion, the zomboids and droids were left with no control, they simply collapsed where they were.[4]

Behind the scenesEdit

This creature is called a 'cyborg' in SQ4, and the backstory is given by Professor Lloyd that they were once resistance members 'modified' by Sludge Vohaul to rout out hiding places and find other members of the resistance, so they could be killed by the machines. This is a nod to Terminator films. It is also known as 'the Cyborg' in Planet Pinball.

Roger calls it 'Led-foot' in the The Official Guide To Roger Wilco's Space Adventures, possibly a nod to the cyborg, 'Lobot' from Star Wars. He also refers to it as 'Mr. Universe', 'Good-lookin and 'Gramps'. The hintbook sections of The Space Quest Companion, call it a 'zombie'.

Although called a "cyborg", he more resembles a zombie. A cyborg is a being with both biological and artificial (e.g. electronic, mechanical or robotic) parts. The 'cyborg'-title comes from the mechanical/electronic headgear coming out of the creature's head keeping its eyes open, and controlling its will. Little antenna stick out of the top of the headgear... Likely used to help call the droid of death, and to control its movement.

It appears to wear khaki shorts and a blue T-shirt, or a "jogger in a really beat up sweat suit"[5]. Though the 'shorts' look more like ripped pants, and the shirt also appears to have ripped longsleeves.

The pointing and screaming 'zombie' like being is a nod to the clones in 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers'.

Other cyborgs include the Sequel Police,the COPS, Sludge Vohaul, Bjorn and Darth Vader.

If the game is run on newer computers, he will be much harder to avoid due to faster processing. This was fixed in the 2006 compilation.


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